Life goals: where I want to be one day…

Life goals: where I want to be one day…

I’m a dreamer, I’m a dreamer, I like to dream big! I can’t stop saying that so hopefully you’ll get a better sense for my blog and everything I post about. Yesterday I started this WordPress blog and I got in the mood for adding some posts again. I’ve said it a bunch of times that I like Tumblr so in this posts I’ll show you some of my luxury private living inspiration for the day.


The island get away I want to have, but the problem is, when I get there I probably will never want to leave!


Cars and luxury travel locations are cool and all but you still have to get there somehow. My travel method of choice: luxury private jets. How about this?

jet inside



From private jets to luxury living – we have it all…

Hello my friends and welcome to Private Jet Guys! You probably won’t know me but I actually started a blog on Storify a few weeks ago about private jets. In that blog I talked about my dreams, compared some jets and did a showed my readers what the luxury lifestyle looks like.

I ended up realizing that I couldn’t do what I wanted with a blog with Storify and moved over to WordPress for more control. I will still be creating private jet posts and doing all kinds of crazy stuff but it will just be on this blog.

I’d still like you to read my original Private Jets Guys blog so here are some links to my original posts and website:

Private Jet Guys Storify Blog

Here’s an article where I review the Gulfstream G280 and G150 (some of my best work) – Gulfstream G150 vs G280.

I also love Tumblr and Twitter so you can expect to see a lot of embeds from those websites like the post I did on The private jets of Tumblr.

I’m sure you’ll like what I’ve got planned for this piece of internet real estate, but for now before I start rumbling again, it’s back to the drawing board to think about my next post.

See you soon…

Oh and before I go – check out what one of the highest paid football stars in the world deems worthy as a private jet. Man where’s that extra $10 million dollars when you need it…